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Want to learn a little more about Christianity or have questions that need answering?


There is a lot here to explore and more will be added all the time.  Follow the links to explore themes, stories or daily readings.


Please note we do our best to ensure the links are all working, however sometimes link breaks are beyond our control.  

Our Daily Bread is an on-line daily bible reading with a short explanatory note along with some food for thought.  You can read it as little or as often as you wish or you can download it to arrive into your in box every day.  The link is Our Daily Bread

Have you got questions?  Take a look at this site - Got Questions.  You can ask any question you want and the site will find a response which is based on biblical understanding.  https://www.gotquestions.org



The first question we posed is So what is faith?  This is their response

You can type in your question and the site will look for the key words to respond.   


We all have questions - about the world, suffering, the future, forgiveness and this site will help you to think about your own responses rather than tell you what to do.

Thinking about how to pray

These links offer simple Christian prayers and if you are stuck for words you may find some here.  God will listen to a sigh or a groan, he knows you need him if your heart is seeking!

23 Short Prayers

by CrossWalk.com

Short Prayers

by PraywithMe.com

7 simple daily prayers

by DesiringGod.org

If you have or know someone with a visual impairment and would like to listen to weekly sermons, the Cranfield Baptist Church offers an audio version of their service.  Follow the link below and click the button to hear the latest sermon.